• Investment Analysis and Strategy

    CHA-AM Advisors is a leading research advisory company. We provide unbiased macro-economic and fundamental analysis and seek to identify and attack the big consensus views.

  • CHA-AM Advisors

    We advise an exclusive diversified client list of banks, mutual funds, hedge funds and pension funds across the world’s key financial centers. We provide macro-economic and fundamental equity analysis and advisory services.

  • Independent Asian Strategist

    Innovative investment themes and new ways of analyzing industries and companies with a focus on Asian markets.

  • Contrarian calls on markets and stocks

    As a boutique service we do not have to water down our calls to accommodate investment bankers or dissenting colleagues.

  • Independent Research Synergies

    CHA-AM Advisors has built synergies with other top quality independent research providers whose work we respect.

  • David Scott

    Founder of CHA-AM Advisors. David has been recognized as one of the top strategists and equity analysts in Asia.


Cha-Am Advisors is an independent provider of investment strategy.

We seek to identify and attack the big consensus views, and make contrarian calls on markets and stocks.

We have global views with an Asian perspective developing new investment themes and new ways of analysing industries and companies.

The Cha-Am Advisors Service is provided by IND-X Advisors Limited.

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